Yasunari Ikeda

Visiting Research Scholar
School of Computing
The University of Utah

About Me

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I am a first-year Ph.D. student at the Keio University, under the supervision of Professor Issei Fujishiro. Currently, I am studying abroad as a visiting research scholar at the University of Utah, under the supervision of Professor Cem Yuksel. I did internships in Digital Frontier Inc. and Polygon Pictures Inc. I received my B.S. (2014) and M.S. (2016) in Computer Science under the supervision of Professor Issei Fujishiro, and M.S. (2017) in Marketing and Commerce under the supervision of Professor Yutaka Hamaoka from Keio University. My research interests lie in interactive-time rendering, computer animation and modeling, big data analytics (online consumer reviews) and multivariate statistics.


IEVC 2017

A Recursive Procedural Model for Improving Appearance of Clothes with Fiber-level Details

Yasunari Ikeda, Issei Fujishiro
Proceedings of Fifth IIEEJ International Workshop on Image Electronics and Visual Computing, 2017


Rise and Fall of On-line Opinion Leaders

Yasunari Ikeda, Xin Feng, Kanoko Go, Shumin Liu, Xinyan Zhang, Yingcong Zhuang, and Yutaka Hamaoka
Proceedings of ISMS Marketing Science Conference, 2016

IEICE 2016

An Object Space Anti-Aliasing Method for Shadows of Hair-Shaped Objects (in Japanese)

Yasunari Ikeda, Toru Matsuoka, and Issei Fujishiro
IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems, 2016


An Object Space Approach to Shadowing for Hair-shaped Objects

Yasunari Ikeda, Issei Fujishiro, and Toru Matsuoka
ACM SIGGRAPH Posters, 2014


Email: yaikeda[at]keio.jp